Super Monkey Ball BBHD Practice Mod (Page Not Built)

A modification of the game that implements new features to help speedrunners practice the game.

Thanks to this mod SEGA gave me pre-release access to their newer game “SMB: Banana Mania” to create mods and tools.


Extreme 3D is a n64 emulator memory reading script paired with a blender python plugin. I developed it so that speedrunners of the game could watch their runs back in a 3D space from different camera angles and with path tracking, to help them find places to improve which may be missed given the games limited tools.

Hollow Knight - Localize Cloud Saves Mod

A modified version of the Game Pass edition of the game that allows XBOX Cloud Saves to be downloaded and used / edited on PC. Usually the game pass version of the game is cloud only.

Super Monkey Ball PC Data Encrypt/Decrypter (Page Not Built)

I reverse engineered both games to find the key used in the decryption and encryption algorithms. I then implemented these algorithms in C# to allow users to decrypt and encrypt their own save files.