This page documents the projects I have undertaken at the University of Exeter.

Internship of Research in Interactive Theorem Proving

Under Dr. Diego Marmsoler of the University of Exeter - I, and 2 others, worked on creating a formalisation of many automata in Isabelle/HOL. The internship was funded by A2I (Access to Internships) and was an 8 week long project.


ExLean is a project founded by Dr. Gihan Marasingha at the University of Exeter. It seeks to teach undergraduate students maths topics through the LEAN Interactive Theorem Prover in a way that enhances their understanding and intuition as well as developing their ability to deal with logic based problems. I am a founding member and admin: organising, taking part in and helping other students with Lean Weekly Work-togethers.

Exeter Mathematics Study and Support Group

Alongside Dr. Gihan Marasingha I am a founding member of the Exeter Mathematics Study and Support Group. I am responsible for the organisation and running of the discord server as well as the graphic design of the logo and upcoming events. The server seeks to be a central hub for students of Mathematics at Exeter to communicate and share knowledge as well as connecting them with lecturers and running regular events.